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Residential HVAC Construction

Cair Heating and Cooling offers numerous brands from Bryant, Carrier, Rheem, Goodman, Amana and Lennox to our home owners to ensure we can provide them with the brand that fits their needs on quality and price.

At Cair Heating and Cooling we specialize in gas, propane, and oil furnaces from 80% AFUE to 95% AFUE. We offer 2-stage variable speed furnaces and 2-stage air conditioners and heat pumps to maximize comfort and savings in your home.

“Why is Cair Heating and Cooling different from other contractors?”

  • A Formal Load Calculation to determine proper equipment sizing.
  • Custom calculated per YOUR specifications and materials. -Including foam, fiberglass and cellulose insulation (including R- values), types of windows
  • Latest version of ACCA approved computerized Wright J methods. -Properly sized equipment rather the rules of thumb, can often be specified and, reduce initial cost while reducing short-cycling of equipment resulting in longer equipment life and better control over indoor environment conditions. (www.acca.org)
Custom engineering for YOUR specific home.
  • Your home is designed by trained personnel not by the field installers or supervisors.
  • Your plans are engineer drawn in the office not by a field installer. This is done to ensure the maximum comfort.
  • Presented to you with the estimate for your approval before we start on the job(s).
  • Maximizes comfort and even conditioning in your home.
  • We DO NOT bid homes by the sq. ft. or by the ton (sq. ft pricing = inaccurate sizing).
  • Ensures best price by paying for only the necessary materials and labor. No guess work!


  • All installers are licensed by the State of Kentucky.
  • All employees have a federal, state and local back ground check so you can feel safe with them on your job site and home owner’s homes.
  • We have a zero drug policy which is enforced by random screening.
  • All installations are provided with an Energy Star sealing for maximum comfort.
  • All installations have a rough and finish FQI performed by a field supervisor.

“Customize your Comfort”

Top 5 Comfort & Efficiency Options chosen by homeowners:

Higher Efficiency, two speed heat pumps: Higher efficiency air conditioners/heat pumps help to save money on utility bills, while providing quieter operation. The two speed motor, also allows the homeowner the opportunity to dehumidify their house faster which creates more comfort on those hot days.

High Efficiency, two stage variable speed furnace: Higher efficiency furnaces help to save money on utility bills, while increasing the comfort level of the home by holding a more constant temperature.

Zoning: Used to control the temperature in separate areas of the home. Will save homeowner money on utility bills and increases overall comfort by heating and cooling only the areas you choose during certain times of the day.

Air Filter: Indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. This product will eliminate 35 times more pollen, plant spores, and bacteria than a standard 1 inch filter. With the ease of cleaning this unit in the home, it saves time on the need to purchase new filters every month. Will help to protect furnace, lengthen the life of furnishings, and improve certain respiratory health problems.

Humidifier: Adds moisture to the air which prevents dryness to increase comfort and protect woodwork. Helps eliminate dry skin and scratchy throats during the dryer times of the year

Call Cair Heating and Cooling and ask about how you can save $$$ on your utility bills, while living in a cleaner and healthier home.