HVAC Maintenance Services

Does your HVAC system need a tune-up? At Cair Heating & Cooling, we offer HVAC maintenance to help you save up to 15% on your monthly utility bills and ensure a longer life for your heating and cooling system.

Keep Your HVAC System Running All Year Long

Your HVAC system has the important job of keeping your space cool or warm when it matters most. But if your air conditioner or furnace isn’t in proper working condition, you risk braving the harsh elements without a HVAC system to keep you comfortable. That’s where Cair comes in to keep your system running during every season.

We provide HVAC maintenance services to homes and businesses in Louisville and surrounding areas. So, whether you’re weathering the summer heat or the winter cold, you’ll rest comfortable knowing your HVAC system is in tip-top shape.

Complete New System
Starting at only $4,995

10 Year Parts & Labor Warranty and Save Up to 35% On Utility Bills!

Plus: 12 Month SAME-AS-CASH or 60 MONTHS Low-Interest Financing!

Where is Your Money Going?

Did you know that the average homeowner in Kentucky spends $197.66 per month for electric and gas?

While there may be numerous ways to cut costs – like by turning off lights of lowering the temperature on your water heater – one of the best ways is to regularly tune-up your HVAC system. Cair Heating & Cooling could save you 15% on your operation cost by cleaning and checking on your system on a regular basis. This will also prolong the life of the equipment, which saves even more money!

Professional HVAC Maintenance Services in Louisville Area

Kentuckiana can get into the mid 90s in the summer and below 10 degrees in the winter. If your HVAC system isn’t in working condition, you’re likely to run into some uncomfortable problems.

At Cair Heating & Cooling, we help you brave the elements with ease by providing routine maintenance services. We service residential, commercial, and industrial AC units.


Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s important to take care of your air conditioning system so it lasts longer and keeps your energy costs down. Our air conditioner maintenance services ensure an efficient, reliable system that will serve you for years to come. When your air conditioner isn’t maintaining the temperature you want, it’s time to schedule air conditioner maintenance service.


Furnace & Heating Maintenance

There’s nothing better than staying cozy warm during the fall and winter months. To keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature, you’ll want to be sure that your furnace is in proper working order. Cair Heating & Cooling offers the tune-up services you need to prevent a freeze during the chilliest months.

Cair Heating & Cooling Energy Care Plan


  • Annual cleaning and safety checks of your heating and cooling units
  • Discounts on HVAC repairs
  • Priority service – Available 24 Hours
  • No overtime fees
  • Credits for change outs
  • Savings on utility bills
  • Longer life of equipment
  • Credits towards future equipment replacement

Is it Time to Repair or Replace Your Unit?

Replacing your HVAC system can be expensive. That’s why we encourage you to repair your system and run routine maintenance to keep it working for as long as possible.

There are a few things your can do to keep your AC running as efficiently as possible all year long:


  • Remove brush and debris near the unit
  • Replace HVAC air filters
  • Clean the condenser coils every spring
  • Lubricate motors and bearings
  • Maintain proper refrigerant levels
  • Schedule routine maintenance from Cair Heating & Cooling!

Find HVAC Maintenance Services Near You

Looking for HVAC maintenance services in the Louisville area?

At Cair Heating & Cooling we service homes and businesses in the Greater Louisville area and surrounding counties, including Southern Indiana. Always busy? We work around your schedule to set up convenient HVAC tune up visits!

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