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Multi Family HVAC Construction

The construction of a multi family residential development is complicated process that requires many decisions along the way. How many units can fit onsite? How many buildings and how many floors per building? What material should the building skin be? but, there’s one decision that is often crucial to the long-term success of the project: which HVAC system is the right one?

Centralized Systems

1) The four-pipe vertical stacked fan coil system carries the highest initial cost, but generally provides the highest degree of comfort. 2) The two-pipe vertical fan coil system is similar to the four-pipe system described above, except there are only two pipes to deliver either hot or chilled water. Because hot and chilled water share the same piping and pumps, cooling and heating cannot be provided simultaneously. 3) The water source heat pump system is one of the most popular centralized systems for mid to high-rise residential HVAC because it offers some flexibility for simultaneous heating and cooling, but is a lower initial cost alternative to the four-pipe system.

Decentralized Systems

1) The fan coil unit with integral pump system is one of the most economical decentralized HVAC systems. The fan coil unit uses an integral pump to circulate heated water from the domestic hot water heater through the fan coil, thereby utilizing that domestic hot water heater to provide both hot water and heat for the unit. 2) The gas fired furnace with a coil and remote condenser option is very similar to the system described above, except instead of getting heat from the hot water heater, it uses a gas fired furnace within the fan coil to heat the air, which is then distributed through-out the unit. 3) The Magic Pak is fully self-contained: all the cooling and heating equipment, including the compressor, comes complete in one unit. It requires mounting on an outside wall with an exterior louver for air supply.

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